Saturday, March 05, 2005

Renaissance .... or no time for knitting

Yes, I have put aside the needles for a few days (or weeks). Of course, since everything I was knitting was going to the dogs and I have 2 things now I have to frog or tink, it is probably a good thing.

But Goth Daughter has been wanting to go Elizabethan and taking good old Mom along for the ride. So it's 2 costumes for the Ren Faire at the end of March (thank goodness for Spring Break and vacation the week before) and the first weekend of April. Not only am I in charge of family costumes (ie Mom sews), but I am also going to be volunteering at the Faire and will be dragging out some blackwork. Hopefully, I will have an extra "chemise" done so that I can embroider around the edges. Or at least a kerchief or two.

Finished up the first chemise this evening. Will post pics as soon as the daughters are back to assit. Do you know how much muslin it takes for a floor length chemise? Let's say I could sail the cast of "Lost" off the island with it! Thank goodness for Joann Fabrics $$$ off coupons. But it's two chemise (or is it chemouse?), 2 skirts, 2 bodices and maybe a couple of capes if the weather is cool. Goth Daughter tried to take the hurt off the project by reflecting on the positive----she will have a Halloween costume already. What's going to scare people is tomorrow when I lug in my chemise to do the hem around the bottom. They'll start looking for tent poles!


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