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Writing Wednesday - 'Energy' Score

One of the things I struggle with is my 'energy level' - both mental and physical. And in going through my HB90 method of working toward my ideal life was an interesting way to track how I 'feel' and what I can do to keep my outlook 'up'. It's about having 10 items I want to do during the day. By accomplishing those things, I will have an idea if  my day was either high energy or low energy. The things I want to keep an eye on are: Morning Routine (morning pages, tarot card draw) Evening Routine (journaling) Healthy Eating/Vitamins 10,000 steps Garden Time Reading Writing Tidy Space  Relaxing (fiber arts, gaming) Shifted Energy (going from couch potato to something else) I'm giving myself 1 point for each item I tick off during the day. That way I will have a score from 0-10. Hopefully, I will not ever have a '0' day, but would like to know how often I am getting over 5 points a day.  But how to monitor it? I know going to a spreadsheet would be

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