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Whatever Thursday - First Breakfast

One of the things which has been in storage has been my waffle iron. Therefore, for the past 18 months, if I wanted a waffle, I had to go with frozen toaster ones or make a trip to Wafflehouse. But no more! I finally slowed down enough to make myself a 'real' breakfast last week. With fresh strawberries from Bush-n-Vine Farm.  While my plates are still boxed up, I did have my breakfast on a paper plate. However, it was delightful anyway.  As I unpack my kitchen I am thrilled at the cooking I will be able to do again. In fact, the ham I bought for Easter was turned into beans and ham last week.  Today also means there will probably be some strawberry jam making!  Cooking means not only food for the body, but food for the soul.   

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