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Seedy Saturday - Growth and Project Updates

  So... One of my 'projects', which was further down the list, was to take this space and sink my water feature tub a bit. I have some Siberian Iris rhizomes to get in the ground. This I want to ground around the tub. Therefore, I got up on Wednesday morning and got to work. The two pots of dahlias I had grown from seed this spring, when into the back of the herb garden. Some of the spiderwort I had was planted at the back of the tub, along the fence. I also had a couple of plugs of two different ground covers I planted on either side.  The tub itself was put into the ground about 6 inches and the solar water fountain was dropped into the tub. Where this tub is will be in the 'V' where pathway to the herb garden and the pathway down to the back yard will be. Payday will bring some water plants, fish and mulch. Then this 'project' will be finished! On the other side of the front yard, dahlias which overwintered in the ground have really grown and spread! I had gr

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