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Yeah... Well, it has been a while. I wish I could put all the blame on writing for NaNoWriMo. But I can't.  Circumstances have changed a bit in my household. Foxy is back with me. She and Mr. Cobra decided they are better off friends than being a married couple.  So in she has come. Which means all the TONS of boxes of yarn and fabric and 'stuff' had to be rearranged, sorted through, reboxed, moved downstairs into the closet or donated. Or given away.  It also means after struggling to get my head around being alone in the house (I don't count Ruby, Slider and the 4 cats) I now have to adjust to having someone here again. Not that it is big deal. She stays upstairs for the most part. And upstairs is a pretty generous room and bathroom. We did have to 'up' the internet so she could have enough 'heft' to stream, but other than that and mealtimes, I really don't notice she is here. But Ruby does. Ruby growls and barks at her. To the point I had to get a

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