Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mohawk in Summer

It's hard to think about wool and felting and hats when it is 100 degrees outside, but Oldest Daughter has a friend whose birthday is this weekend. And she wants a mohawk. Friend also has the most luscious, thick, wavy hair you can image. People would kill for it and kill her if she actually did get a this is the next best thing.

No children up yet to model, so had to stick it on a folding candy stand to let it dry and to display it. Thought about putting it on myself and taking a picture, but didn't want to scare anyone.

It was a quick project from Pretty in Punk by Alyce Benevides and Jaqueline Milles. Actually, most of it was done during a viewing of Glass Bottom Boat and 300. (Ok, I know it's a weird combo, but after 2 hours of sweet Doris Day, 2 hours of ripped abs is tasty!)

I have to brag, the book was given to me by Marci when I offered to switch jobs with her. Couldn't talk her into it...the job switching I mean.

Downside to this project....I knit it in some Reynolds Lopi I had bought a couple of years ago to do a large felted purse. Thank goodness I didn't knit and felt said purse, because just this little hat was like washing the family dog after letting it go for months. I have been picking lint off like crazy. Pulled it out of the washing machine after just a few minutes of agitation and had a huge ball of "fuzz" in just a couple of minutes. Nasty stuff. And I have tons of it left.

Directions in the book were very clear, very easy to follow and, like I said, quick. Trumpet Princess has earmarked 10 of the 25 patterns she wants made up, including another mohawk hat. Don't know whether to thank Marci for the book or send it back in self defense!

Oops....child model......

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