Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ok....another few weeks have passed....books been reading

I can't believe time is passing so fast. Where is time going?

Anyway, one of the things I have been doing is a lot of reading. Some of my picks are....

Of course, first of the list is Laurell K. Hamilton's continuing Merry Gentry series. I love her books!

Unfortunately, I have to wait until next year to next the next installment in the Anita Blake series.

Warning....unless you are into hot fae (and not your Tinkerbell type) and hot sex, stay away from these books.

Next, I did stray from the hot hunks and read Moon Shell Beach by Nancy Thayer.

A great book about friends in youth finding each other again as they get older. Good story, enjoyable. Did want to move to New England, which is a real stretch for this Southern girl.

Then I read a series of books which had a knitting/quilting theme to them. I like them because I had a jumping off place where I had something in common with the main characters because of their knitting and quilting.

A Single Thread is also set in New England. A transplanted Texas opening a quilt store after a divorce and how what happens to her affects the local matriarch. Worked really well reading this book with all the quilting I have been doing lately.

Warning...both A Single Thread and the next book do have cancer as one of the story lines. But well done and works with the story.

The Knitting Circle is about a woman who loses a child and takes up knitting to help with her loss, bullied into it by her mother. It is her ups and downs and the other women who are in the knitting group she is a part of. Realistic in that taking up knitting does not immediately solve her problems, but Ann Hood describes the things you gain from a "group" such as this, the bonding which takes place over the common ground of yarn.

Finally, a "mistake" in requesting a book from the library yielded a surprise find. I thought I had requested Kathy Reich's Devil Bones and instead I got Jefferson Bass' The Devil's Bones.

Now I have a new author I have to go back and read his other books. Set in Knoxville (I'm originally from the other side of the state), very interesting, some humor laced in, and lots of good "bones".

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