Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quick Update

Still working and studying, but….

this little guy needed a walk around the park and who could resist.  This is “Sarge”.


If he isn’t carrying his leash, he has to have something in his mouth.  So we walked.  Or rather I walked, he bounced and dashed.  But we are starting good walking habits early (I hope).

This is the view at the lake.  It was a beautiful pre-fall day.  No breeze to ripple the lake.


So I do get up and stretch now and then.  So now it’s back to the books.

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  1. oh wow a dog is that not awesome ? you are so lucky this puppy will add so much to your life you wait and see . I am sure he will develop good habits with walking early and make sure you walk him everyday at the same time and good housebreaking is a must .welcome sarge .


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