Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brief Catch-Up Moment

Between work and school, there is nursing the teen with “flu-like” symptoms.   Which then turned into pink-eye…in both eyes.  I have managed a walk through the park with Sarge.  And managed to capture this.


This is a reflection of the clouds in the water, not of the sky itself.

Some days I just feel like a reflection of the real thing myself.


  1. I was begining to wonder if I said something in my last letter to upset you and were not going to write me back . Dont take this wrong but Im glad that it was something else lol . I hope the kid gets better real soon I had the pink eye once and my sister gave me some symalyn they sell it at wal mart for pink eye . good luck and I hope things get better soon dear .

  2. Well, you sure as heck have had once heckofa time with it lately!
    I'll try to remember to send you a prepaid postage envelope for the journal....


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