Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Dog Ate My Homework

(Started in September, almost ended at 5am this morning!)

Yep….’he’ did.  Yes, I said he rather than she.  See it seems when Savvy left home to go to school, Noel goes with her.  Therefore, Texter, who has never had her “own” pet wanted a dog….

Thus, Sarge…..


Sarge is a lab-mix from the pound.  Comes pre-fixed.  Well, let me restate, he is fixed except for the potty training.  And all the ‘puppyness’.

But he’s a cutie.  Have to get a picture of how he likes to walk.  With the leash in his mouth.  I am sure all those dog whisperers out there would say he is saying he’s in charge, taking the lead so to speak.

One of the great things is every time Texter grumbles about walking, picking up pooh, etc. I get to do the great mommy thing and look at her and go “I want a puppy.  I want a puppy.”



he likes to lay under the edge of my bed.  And I like to put my books for school right behind me on the floor between the floor and bed.  Little teeth nibbled on English.  He’s tasted algebra.  Grrrrrr…….

Noel likes him though.



This is what happens after a couple of hours together.  They are exhausted and retire to separate floors and pass out. 

He likes to play ball and brings it back for the most part.  He likes to lay on the bed and sleep with me, but hasn’t learned to jump yet.  Likes walks in the park…..

hhhmmmm….does it sound like he’s my dog?  Out of 3 weekends, we have been alone together 2 of those and Noel was here on 1 of them.  Two dogs, 1 person, don’t really work well for walking to pooh and pee.  My social life has gone to the dogs.


Had to go into work today for a few hours, and decided not to wake Texter to help walk the dogs, I can do it.  Put leash on Sarge by the front door as usual and drape the end over the doorknob while I put Noel’s leash on her.  I am being a great mom, letting the kid sleep, but that warm feeling on my left foot is not what I was expecting from my kindness.  Look down, and you guessed it, Sarge has proceeded to pee on my foot.  My Crocs with the fleece lining.  Needless to say there is a load of laundry being done with my lining in there.

On the upside.  After you have been peed on first thing in the morning, your day can only get better…..right?

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  1. being a dog lover of course I have . I want to wish you a better day and have a wonderfull christmas .


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