Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Little Catching Up…..

Well, the three weekends of Ren Faire in Raleigh are now over with.  For once, the weather was perfect and we seemed to have had a pretty good turnout.  So to share some of the fun…..

1905-06-05 3

This is Mr. Ballsworth and Jean Phillipe  Louis La Beau of the Pirate’s Guild awaiting orders to pick up their next kidnap victim.

In the meantime, Lady Mary Hastings is attending the queen.

1905-06-05 29Well, have 1 weekend off and then off to the King Henry Faire.  Lady Mary Hastings is transformed into a Duchess.  And I have Tudor sleeves to make for her outfit and a French Hood to complete in 10 days……

in between taking 4 finals for school!

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