Monday, November 15, 2010

It’s a Little Squirrelly….

DSCN1428 Fat cat aka Blaze, watches the squirrels with unknown thoughts in his head.  Actually, for such a large cat, he can move pretty fast, so I am thinking he is thinking of squirrel head for breakfast.  But the squirrels have a nest in the tree right by the deck and they throw down pine cone parts on the deck.  So I have to sweep the deck often.  Those little pine cone parts hurt on your bare feet.



There are two of them in the nest.  Savvy thinks they are after her, since they live right by her room.  Those are devious eyes, aren’t they.  Thinking little squirrely thoughts.  Don’t put food out for them often since apparently we have a possum under the house.  Wild life abounds around here – especially the deer at 6am on the road.

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