Monday, July 09, 2012

Book Review: Calling Invisible Women

At 246 pages this is a quick read.  But then again at 246 pages it is a book which will provoke a lot of thought and discussion.

calling invisible women  Written by Jeanne Ray, this is a book which touched home for me on many levels.  As a 54 year old woman, I have been known as somebody’s wife, the mother of my two daughters and am just now getting to feel my own identity.  However, I have also reached the age where women are often overlooked, regardless.  I am not some ‘cougar’ to stop younger men.  Actually, I identify more with a grizzly bear, but Clover, the main character in the book, isn’t just overlooked, she is actually invisible.  The sad part about it is that no one in her family notices.  Neither do people she passes on the street or in the store.  Fortunately she discovers she is not the only invisible woman around.  There are in fact several women like herself.  Instead of letting her invisibility keep her down, Clover finds it is really empowering.  Especially when they find a combination of drugs, typically given to women of her age, might just be the culprit.

There is much to think about as you read this book, especially if you are a ‘woman of a certain age’.  But the humor of the book keeps it from being depressing.  Imagine a dozen naked, invisible women gathering in the conference room of the local Sheraton Hotel with only their Kleenex in hand to show where they are.  And you won’t look at a plane ride the same way again after reading this book.  Thought provoking and humorous, what more can you wish for in a book.

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