Saturday, October 20, 2012

Latest Homework Assignment

This week's assignment was a doozy.  We had to duplicate a little, red-haired cartoon boy.  The style is not one I really care for, but the tools used will come in really handy.

This is the original.

Cute design.  Learned a lot about blending and shadows and creating shadows and layers.  Tons and tons of layers.  And the pen tool.  The tutorial stated this exercise should take you about 40 minutes.

Well, if you multiply that by about 12, you would get the amount of time it took me to complete the project.

This is my little boy.  I think I did a fair job of duplicating the original. 

Then we had to create a 'companion'.  It couldn't be a 'twin', but had to be something or someone different.  Since Texter is into monkeys these days, I went with monkeys.

The final picture was the boy and his monkey with a ball playing outside.  The background we didn't have to do, but just sitting there on a blank canvas was boring. 

 The only problem is that I now have a huge backlog of videos I want to watch on different techniques and I still have a dress to sew.

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  1. Well done my dear! Very well done! It's such an amazing tool and takes a lot of time to master - but you're wayyyy ahead of the learning curve!


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