Saturday, February 23, 2013

Not Half Bad

We had an assignment in Photography class last week and since I was rushed for time, I combed through the pictures I have taken over the past few years for examples of what we needed for homework.

This retrospective pointed out a couple of things to me.  First, I REALLY need to sit down and get my pictures in some kind of order or groupings.  I think this will be an excellent project once in Montana when I am snowed in and tired of needlework and knitting.

The second thing is - I'm not half bad at this photography thing!  And with a point and click camera.

Tulip (but how I got the totally black background I have forgotten, it was not taken against a black background)

Walking bridge over the Neuse River

Duke Gardens in the Spring - part of their Asian garden area

Green Lady at the State Fair 2012

Foggy morning

Downtown Raleigh, across from the Convention Center - what you photograph after 100's of My Little Ponies

Under a pier, North Carolina Coast

Pond scum can sometimes be beautiful
I can see my 'eye' and what I am learning in class slowly coming together.  One of the things she is emphasizing in class is to learn not to take 100 shots and hope you get a good one, but to take shots and get 90 good ones.  Once this move is over I plan on getting a "real" camera and explore all the wonderful outdoors in Montana.  "KB" (the grand baby to be) will learn to hike with me and my camera. 

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