Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy Halloween from Helena

Say that 3 times!  Actually, sorry about the belated post, but it has been busy.  

First off, before I get to the 'sweets', I have to say I tip my hat to the Downtown Merchants of Helena.  They put on a great Halloween for the little ones.  

This is strictly for the younger set (older ones still in school) and takes place up and down the walking mall.  The stores and businesses participating all display this sign in their window. It was really nice to take the little ones out during the day (no scary dark), safe (no traffic) and fun (no competing with the big kids). 

So this was the scene, downtown, on Thursday.  Texter, Lady K and I got there just as it was starting at 11 a.m. and there were already plenty of people out there.

The second thing I noticed about this event was the number of dads out there in costume with their kids.  I overheard several saying they had taken off work to come.  And how cute is this!

You can't beat Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat.  This father was tall and lean and it was such a perfect pairing.  They were having so much fun.

Lady K was honoring the Armed Forces and her dad.  She was dressed up as a Marine Sergeant.  Texter dyed a onesie tan and ironed on stripes she downloaded.  She made her a blue and red 'dress' tutu out of tulle.  Because it was cold she had on a pair of navy pants underneath and a white long sleeve top on.  We needed the tutu so people wouldn't think she was a boy.  I crocheted the cap and we used extra buttons Gibbs had on it.

However, in walking downtown, people loved the 'ballerina sailor' costume.  Sigh.

Despite the cold wind (and it was windy), Lady K was getting into the spirit of the thing.  She was taking in all the people in their outfits.

And her skirt was good to chew on.

As you can see, she was having an absolutely terrible time.  Her favorite thing was to chew on the candy that had crinkly wrappers.  Twizzlers were good, because they make lots of noise.

I was enjoying it as we went into several stores we hadn't ever been in before, especially the art galleries.  I found the pottery a couple of them had on display to be fantastic and really reasonably priced.  People might be getting Montana pottery for gifts from now on.

Even the planters, past their prime, were showing fall colors and participating in the Halloween theme (despite the last of the snow).

Despite pictures showing her chowing down on candy, she only actually licked on part of a sucker.  The rest was just in her mouth to hear the paper rattle.  After all she is too young for candy....and the only reason we took her is so Texter and I could have her candy!

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