Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Now Is the Summer of My Content...

Ok, so I butcher Shakespeare.  But the way my throat (and head) have been feeling lately, I need to lash out somewhere.  With only four finals to take this week, I will soon be putting this semester to bed.

And looking forward to three months off before I start a really FULL semester of classes again, I have started making my list of things I want to do over the warmer months.  I dare not call it summer, as spring is just springing here.  

So, with the sun coming up on my 'vacation' time, here are some of my plans.

1.  Take time to write more.
2.  Gardening at Tizer Gardens
3.  Outside time at the park with Kayden
4.  Catching up on my "Joy" quilt
5.  Bags for Savvy
6.  Finishing up some knitting projects
7.  Curtains for Kayden's room

I really, really want to start another BIG knitting project and I haven't come close to finishing things I already have.  I am getting the shakes because I haven't bought yarn or fabric since the first of the year!  I have the yarn for the "World" afghan and it has been on my list of do-to's for years.  But not sure I want to do the color changes.  Then Rowan yarns is having a mystery knit-a-long using worsted weight yarn.  I can use what I have and do that.  Right now it's blocks of one color.  Who knows...

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  1. Get well and we'll have to add a MT BBQ to your list. Missed you at work and hoping you're on the mend!


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