Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Big Changes Ahead

This is how part of me is feeling right now.  All the color drained out of my world.  You see it seems my 'numbers' have been creeping up. And not in a good way, as in my bank account.  I'm talking about my health numbers. I am hovering on the borderline of my blood pressure being high and I've always been the 90/60 girl.  And my blood sugar has been slowly climbing and I've always wrestled with low blood sugar, even when pregnant in my 30's.  My weight, while it hasn't been climbing, hasn't been decreasing either.

So I've been bumming a bit.  My head knows what needs to be done, but my body is screaming "are you kidding!"

But there is a little bit of color with this 'challenge' in my world.

  • The girls are behind me.  In fact, Savvy has been really embracing the natural foods and quality over quantity for awhile now.  Texter will pretty much eat anything as long as she isn't the one cooking.  So I have a support system at home.  And this will get Kayden 'trained' a bit better on her eating habits at an early age.
  • My job is offering incentives this year for dropping the numbers, which would mean dollars in my pocket at the end of the year.
  • My health, both mental and physical, would be better.

You see, I had a couple of really good friends back in North Carolina who had a ton of health issues.  Their lists of doctors and daily medications took up pages.  Their lives were ruled by taking meds several times a day.  I don't want that.  In fact, I don't want meds at all!

My appointment with the doctor to go over my latest numbers is Thursday.  I will come out (hopefully) with a definite plan of action to (1) lower the numbers and (2) do so without resorting to medications.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not anti-medications.  I firmly believe in them.  However, I am not the world's best on taking anything on a daily basis.  Secondly, I don't want to jump on that band wagon until absolutely necessary.  I think if adjusting my habits keeps me off of them, then adjust habits.  I would really love to be like my grandmother and be in my 90's with only a baby aspirin daily (and that was her own idea).

Now don't get me wrong.  This person/body loves her 'treats' way too much to completely cut things out.  I am talking about different cooking methods (damn Southern Fried Chicken, rice and gravy) and quality over quantity.

So while I won't inhale a dozen macaroons at any given time, that's not to say after a hike I won't have one.  It means looking at less refined foods and more whole foods. It means 'mindful' eating, rather than just inhaling what is in front of me.  I don't have to bolt food down in less than 30 minutes any more. I can make eating a joy and not something to just do and next done with. Since it will also mean planning meals and shopping accordingly, hopefully, the food waste will go down (along with the dogs' weights) and perhaps saving some money since there will be less 'junk' food. Note, I said less, not none. If I tell myself 'not any' then I would hit the kitchen and inhale a 5 pound sack of sugar like a coke addict. I need to learn to pick and choose and be selective.

And more physical activity.  Like walking the dogs (who are over weight themselves).  Noel has a harness on order which warns 'no dogs/petting'.  She is a bit old and cranky now and doesn't always react well.  And hiking.  I'm leading my own hike in a couple of weeks, which is exciting. And yoga.  I'm so not bendy! 

Like I said, my head knows what I need to do.  I just need the rest of the body to fall in line with it.

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  1. Everything in moderation except exercise- that needs to bump up- we'll push each other on this!


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