Monday, September 28, 2015

Mandala Monday - "Nailed It"

It's been a little over a year now I have been 'investing' in my nails.  All my life I have wanted nice nails, mainly because I was a nail biter.  I never was one who bit back into the quick, but I always bit them.  When I was young, my mom tried the pepper stuff you could paint on nails to stop from biting them.  Didn't work.                                 

I tried all kinds of things.  Cuticle oils, nail strengtheners, polish.  Nothing work.  Part of the problem (in my opinion) is that my nails have the constancy of paper.  They are thin and brittle and I could get them out a tiny bit and they would break like glass.  

So last August I started with the acrylic nails and gel polish.  Every 3-4 weeks I go in and for an hour someone fusses over my nails.  Then for the rest of the month, I can type, handle books, dig in the garden, drum my fingers on the desk and not a chip or broken nail to be had!  And I get compliments on my nails/hands.

Ok, so it's a vanity thing.  But I figure I haven't really given a hoot in 58 years, so why not.  Better late than never.

Anyway, I came across the above picture (which I altered a bit) which was an advertisement for bracelets a little over a year ago and had it pinned to my bulletin board.  I wrote "my nails" on it and hung it there.  With the move, I came across it again.  I realized I had been living what I had envisioned.  Much like the kayak.  I had said all along, "my kayak" and there it is (still minus a paddle, I confess, but soon).  There is a lot to be said for vision boards and visualization.  I need to do more of it.

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