Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week in Review - November 22 - 28

It's been an odd week.  First, there is Thanksgiving.  But then I have been under the weather figuratively and literally.  We had our first real 'snow' this past week and the temperatures are such, even bundling up, I don't want to go out.  When it is single digits, I'll stay inside.  And then, Lady K and I have been running fevers and feeling 'yucky'.  Not how you want do to Thanksgiving.

Couple of things I did learn from and about Thanksgiving.  First, I found a cranberry recipe I tried.  Don't really do cranberries, but thought I would give it a try.  Something new.  But then I didn't know how to 'use' it.  Basically, you mix fresh cranberries, sugar and orange zest in your stand mixer and let it mix on low for about an hour.  Delicious!  Savvy combined some with gin (a LOT of gin).  I added crushed ice and water.  Texter and I wish we had some Sprite or Ginger Ale in the house to mix with it.  But with water, I get my hydration and a tasty cranberry flavor.

The second thing is something I want to remember for next Thanksgiving. 
My menu read like a buffet line-up.  Since I was under the weather, Texter helped cook a lot of the items.  Luckily, with the cold temperatures, the steps between the basement and outside (which is covered) was a great storage facility.  But still, I have gotten use to eating smaller portions and the plate of food at Thanksgiving, even when not crammed full, was too much for me.  Texter felt the same way.  And then there are the leftovers.  There will be a reduction in food next year!  (Will still buy my free-range turkey though.)

Other things during the past week-

  • Wrote 6 posts, 2 of which were book reviews
  • Finished 1 book, The Girl in the Spider's Web.  EXCELLENT!
  • Steps - didn't do too good - 28,990/13.26 miles
  • Unsubscribed from a ton of email lists
  • Started on the Bonnie Hunter 2015 Mystery Quilt (294 HST to do!)
  • Received my Bee Hive 2016 acceptance and have already decided on my quilt square and how I plan on using it.
  • Sent off a postcard to be returned from Antartica 
  • Completed 5 mug mats (4 of which are a present)
  • Updated my 1930's Farmer's Wife QAL list of blocks I am behind on
  • Worked on the Failynn Fox Cowl - about halfway through
  • Backed up my computer
  • Ordered supplies I couldn't find locally for a Christmas gift
  • Started working on my first quarter planner/journal for 2016

And the biggie -

Breakfast with Santa!

One of our local restaurants, Bert and Ernie's, offers two seatings on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  You get a meal of pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs.  The only cost to the parents is an unwrapped toy to be donated to Toys for Tots.

Lady K can identify Santa and is all about the 'presents', but wasn't too sure about getting close to him.  After a few tries and watching other kids, she did allow herself to get this close.

This was our first time at the event and I can guarantee we will be back.  The employees at Bert and Ernie's were so gracious and the place was beautifully decorated.  We even received a couple of "Shop Small" tote bags (one of my 2016 goals).

For the upcoming week -
  • Finish up gifts for the Chaotic Goddess swap and get it in the mail
  • Finish up the fox cowl
  • Finish up the 294 HST
  • Start two 'challenges' for December - one on Reflections and the other on Planners
  • Finish reading The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Mine my current planner for ideas on how I want to set up my first quarter planner/journal for 2016
  • Lead the final NaNoWriMo write-in of the year.   Our wrap-up event.
Two more weeks and Texter will be over this semester at school and packing to head to South Carolina with Lady K for the holidays with the other grandmother.  Once they get back, some big changes for Lady K.  She will be starting 3 days a week at day care!  Other kids, socialization, and some time for me!

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