Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It's been a lllooonnnngggg week......

but I have been busy. I finished fringing a simple poncho that I started before it ever got cold. Just two rectangles. Got to the fringing part and stuck it in a bag and had forgotten about it. It was just a skein of black Caron's worsted weight and 2 balls of Dazzle from AC Moore, garter stitched. Couldn't have been simpler. Meant it for Goth Daughter, to get a little color in her life. She is now wearing it full time because it is the perfect weight over a t-shirt on these mild days we are having. It's also cushy balled up into a pillow.

Finished fringing a poncho from ages ago.

Then......since my sister's birthday is in March, I finished her a scarf she had picked out from Stitch and Bitch Nation...the Butterfly Scarf. Did her's in black cotton chenille from Rowen and the butterfly, mutant that it is (sorry Debbie) from Crystal Palace cotton chenille left overs from doing the Flower Petal Washcloth. Will have to do another butterfly because that one looks like a cactus with giant fungus growing on it. The scarf calls for a loop on it, but I think I am going to leave the loop off, and make some interchangeable flowers and butterflies for it. I have a couple of crocheted flower patterns that I want to try with the cotton chenille and see how they behave. But the cotton chenille is great idea for scarves for the spring/summer and being so narrow, it is an accessory rather than a winter necessity.

Butterfly scarf from Stitch and Bitch Nation.

Closeup of butterfly

Sister also has me on a binge of "flowers". I am doing the roses from the Premier Issue of Knit.1 and doing them in Paton's Wool. Then I had the great idea to felt some of them. I have done one in a solid color (dark purple) and it is currently drying out. Was a little nervous about it falling apart during the felting, but it is hanging in there. Now we will see how many days it will take all those layers to dry out. But I really like the look of it felted. Now I am on to different colors. Quick project, just time consuming because you have to knit all the little pieces before you do anything else. Makes all the back and forth of a sweater look good at times. Will show some before/afters when I get more colors and combinations done.

Well, off to supervise homework. After a 10 hour day I am more of a door stop than a help at homework.........


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