Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring Time Catch-up

This is a little bit of everything to play catch-up.

Knitting-wise.......this is what I have been working on. Originally the pattern is for a duck and from Lion Brand. However, it was going to be for Easter, so I made them into chickens. Please don't go into a craft store and ask if they have "chicken legs"....they look at you very strangely.
So I made legs out of pipe cleaners. And then, instead of having them lay down like roadkill, I had them sitting up and with some funky feathers coming out of their heads. These were to be Easter presents to all the girls, etc. instead of candy. And it worked....only have a few ducks and chickens left in the "flock". Did make a couple of skunks, fox, and a hedgehog, but didn't get a picture before they left. Batteries for the camera were in various CD players!

Who can resist this face?

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There is a sleeve-less sweater vest that I just needto sew the frogs (as in closures) to and it will be finished. Pictures on that later.

This is the clavia that a co-worker gave me a couple of years ago from her plant. I have been

waiting and waiting for it to bloom. It has been sitting in a corner, fairly forgotten. I decided last week the temperatures were fine now and was going to set it and some orchids on the back steps. Picked it up and what did I see but orange!
Thought the flowers would be on longer stems, but who's complaining. It's blooming.

Also on the gardening front. What feels like 6 million tomato plants are in. Dug 3 2' x 50 foot rows. Told myself that was it. Until I got back from Farmer's Market yesterday with 3 more plants, so 1 more row.....after all I need the exercise!

These are the first 3 rows. Dug and weeded before we had any rain. The area between the rows is wide enough for the mower to go down.

I now need to mulch the plants with the ton of leaves I have.

This is the Better Bush that I planted in a pot about 3 weeks ago. Before I got my other tomatoes from NCTomatoMan (who is called a tomato guru and quoted in the April/May Organic Gardening). I have achieved fruit set!!!
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This is today's project which pointed out several things...

1. I have no arm tone/strength. So you are safe to duke
it out with me....a couple of punches and my arms are

2. When hammering, the fat doesn't swing around all
that much.

3. Even with all the space around them, it is so different
feeling to walk down the row with stakes in the ground
than without. Like walking down a hallway.

So for the rest of this Sunday.....

1. Make strawberry margarita's without the "rita". Have to do something with the berries!

2. Later this afternoon, start putting mulch around the plants. Too much sun now (for me, not
the plants).

3. Sew some on Carolina's costume/suit.

4. Clean up the kitchen and fix a big chef salad out of the fresh lettuces and spinach I got
at Farmer's Market yesterday.


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