Thursday, April 03, 2008

Journaling Changes

I have journaled for years now. I have a whole shelf where I have written in everything from a real "diary" (first one), to loose leaf paper (collage), to various journals and books. Over the years I have gone moved from straight journaling to more "art journaling". I love the collages and colors and thoughts others have created for their journals and have tried recreating the same feeling in my journals, with mixed success.

I have finally figured out one of the reasons I am dissatisfied with my "art journals"....that's not my first love, creating art, writing is.

SSSSOOOOOOO......on that note, I am going to go back to straight journaling, with allowances for occasional splashes of colors and flourishes, but back to the writing. I have a novel (actually 3 novels) in progress which I am not moving forward on I am so busy trying to be "artsy" and "creative". I had forgotten I am creative in my writing also. My "art" as such will take a backseat to my writing for now.

Oh, I'm not going to give away my paints and beads and papers, no way. Instead I will focus on a specific project I want to do rather than trying to do it all. Instead of scattering myself every which way, I am going to have my priorities aligned a little differently.

So stay tuned for my "And here there be dragons" trilogy.

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  1. Maybe moving on is in the air! Or maybe we are trying to do something, anything that will make a difference.

    By the way, I think writing is for you. I really like your sense of humor!


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