Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Apartment

It's been a month now and I think I am fairly unpacked and organized....ha, ha, ha. Anyway, this is the view from my new balcony. There is a 2.5 mile walk around a small lake on the other side of these trees. Or rather among these trees. In other words, I won't be looking out at any other apartments, houses, stores, parking lots, etc. Only trees. And I can't see or hear the people walking around the lake.

This is about the most of the apartments I can see. Now from my bedroom window, if I open the blinds I can see the edge of my neighbor's balcony and more of the apartments.

But to spare my neighbor's the horror of it all, my blinds are generally kept closed. Now when the weather cools off, they will probably be open a little more, but still, someone would really have to be looking to really see anything.

There is a small fountain in the little pond here (this isn't the lake people walk around by the way), so when I open my windows or am out on the balcony I get to hear some delightful water noise. So calming and peaceful.

I did spare you the picture of the "poohage" which runs beside the apartments. There is a gas line (underground) and electrical lines (those big ones) going down beside us. Once again, there won't be any shops, houses, etc. right beside the apartments. But this created an area about the size of 2 football fields the apartment complex keeps mowed, has a poohage disposal can (with baggies), so I can just exit the unit and it's right there. Very nice.

We also have 2 pools, with the smaller one being near me and 2 workout rooms. I have fallen in love with treadmills. Treadmill, TV, air conditioning... this all works well.

Even Noel is pleased with the move. Since we've moved she has learned to sit nicely while we put the leash on and not to pull quite as bad. The cats are ok with the move also it seems.

Well, need to get back to unpack or organizing "stuff" and to refill the coffee mug.

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