Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee

I am pulling from blogger extraordinaire Patricia Mosca and instead of Saturday coffee, I am having Sunday coffee.

This is the first weekend day I have to myself, no plans, and will be my only day off until Tuesday a week from now. At this point in my life money is an extreme necessity, so am working long hours.

But I do have things to be thankful for which instead of feeling like my life is "terrible", "awful", goes bring some grace and laughs into it despite the NEEDS that have to be accomplished.

1. Because I have so many things which need to be fixed (teeth, car, etc) and a need to work long hours, some of my fellow co-workers are in the same fix and we have a challenge going on. For the next two weeks, the person who works the most hours will get a trip to Starbucks for a coffee. With the fun of cheering each other on, it's not as bad as it could be if we felt like we were suffering alone.

2. I was asked to help someone make a photo quilt for their mother's birthday. This person is in her 20's and not a "crafty" or "sewy" type person, so it is fun to tell her what she needs to do. It inspires me to get stuff going of my own.

3. There is very little housework to be done today, just a couple loads of laundry. So the day is mine. Texter won't be home until later (spending the night with a friend) and OD is going to work herself, so I will have the house to myself...and the dog....and the cats.

4. My BFF is ok. Thought there was some heart problems, but turned out to be "normal", so she is ok.

5. I have more and more writing being done and more ideas coming along.

6. Almost done with the item I am knitting for my mom's birthday (which is tomorrow by the way).

So despite the fact the blue heron probably won't visit my pond this morning as the water is really up from the rain last night, I plan on having a lovely, restful day....after all tomorrow starts a long 8 days straight at work and with Gustav coming along......better go pour some more coffee.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment...and this sounds like you are off to the start of a wonderful day...I myself have just poured the coffee...Have a delightful day!!
    Artfully Yours,

  2. 1. I love Patty too.

    2. Our mothers have the same birthday.

    3. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog!

    xxoo Robin.


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