Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Art and Pens and Pencils

Texter has inherited her mother's gene which responses to pens and pencils. If you have a Sharpie, it's history. So, during the move, it was no surprise I came up with all of this.....

Two tubs of pens and pencils. Now there have been 2 more smaller bins added and this does not cover the 2 huge ziplock bags of pens/pencils in the closet.

Texter (and OD) has been a "doodler" and "drawer" all her life, so the artistic ability has been passed on. She has even drawn up my next tattoo if I can get up the nerve to get over the pain of having it done. I did promise when I had it done I would let her go with me.

But Texter does exhibit a lot of her work.....like this.....

She has promised not to do "all" her jeans this way...the mother in me does require at least 1 pair of "undecorated" jeans.

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  1. several bins of pencils and pens similar to that could easily be found in our house as well. :) not only do I love them, so does my husband. and my son. we could easily go without buying any more. ever. but does it stop us? no way.

    I love the artwork one the jeans.


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