Monday, September 08, 2008

Good Read!

I saw this book recommended on another blog (sorry I can't remember which one...bad me!) and checked it out of the library.

This is a book to be savored like a fine wine or box of good chocolates and not gulped down. I have been spacing it out over lunches and breaks so I have several moments of laughing to myself and reinforcing my co-workers belief I am really nuts.

Now even if you don't care much about bird watching, read the book anyway. The first 3 lines of the book sets the mood....

"I grew up in England, a small country near Ireland where we all love the queen and the sun don't shine. Because of the lousy weather and the unfair distribution of wealth, the place is filled with sad people with not much going for them. My homeland has a strong tradition, however, of inventing safe pursuits for all the losers."

Read's great fun.

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