Saturday, January 02, 2010

Day 6 – Word for the Year - “ME”

orchid blooming

“Everyone” was talking about their word for the year.  Word for the year seems to have replaced resolutions to some extent.  Last year my word was ‘DO’ and I think I at least semi-achieved what I was heading for.  I did ‘do’ more exercise and I did eat a little better (keep your hands off my sweet ice tea, thank you very much) and I did start my college courses.  So when asked to have a word for this year, the first think that popped into my head was ‘ME’.

Sounds awfully selfish doesn’t it?  After all, the world doesn’t revolve around ME.  Or does it?  Then I stopped to think about it.  If I don’t take care of the things I need to do, then everything in my world does start falling apart.  This includes my health, my finances, my spiritual being, my artistic self, all aspects of me.

So while I am sitting here in the early morning of day 6 of my vacation, I am weeding through all the blogs I try and at least semi keep up with.  I have a ton of blogs saved and if I sit down to go through them, it can literally take a whole morning.  I am being brutal and keeping only a few (as compared to what I did have) and have updated my blog listing on the side.

I found the purging a little eye-opening.  My interests have changed.  I have been interested in art journaling for years now, although my own art journaling has been very limited.  But over the past year I have gone back to just writing as my primary means of journaling.  I still cut out pictures and cartoons and words which speak to me, but for the most part my journal is strictly writing.  And that’s ok, because that is where I want to focus a lot of my efforts, on ME writing.

Oh, I’m still staying creative in areas other than my writing…


Savvy’s friend wanted rice cakes kettle corn and earrings for her Christmas present, so we made up this gag gift when Savvy realized it was kettle corn she really wanted.

So, besides really sore shoulders this morning, I have nothing planned except making a coconut cake as Savvy’s belated birthday cake and fixing dinner tonight and maybe catching the matinee of “Sherlock Holmes”.


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  1. oh wow kettle corn huh ? good stuff . also a word for the year , I guess mine would be Moving . to concentrate on Moving to ohio . so my word for the year is Move .


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