Sunday, January 03, 2010

Day 7 – There is only so much room!

Right now, with the holidays, Savvy is over from her dad’s staying here.  She AND Noel.  And there is another friend here also.  So I have 4 people, 2 dogs and 2 cats in a 2 bedroom apartment.  There is just too much living beings in this space.  And with it cold outside, I can’t send any of them out to “play” (although Savvy has been departing for several sleepovers while all her gal pals are here from their far flung schools).

So this is the scene on my bed this afternoon.  Savvy was on the my bed with her laptop.  Then Carroll jumped up on the bed where Blaze was already sleeping, waking him up.


Blaze was like “what the f…? MY bed!”


Carroll is “there is room for two”.


Blaze says “not hardly” and shoves Carroll off the bed.


“When I say move it, I mean move it!”


Noel says the floor is just fine with her.


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  1. Okay I m so laughing right now and thanks I needed that . Your animals are too cute and their faces oh my gosh . I love it .


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