Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garden Update–Forgive the Pictures

Like I said, I killed the camera with zombie blood.  But it was about 5 years old, so it will be replaced.  And Texter is off this weekend to the beach with her camera, so I am forced to use my el cheapo mobile phone camera.  So I apologize upfront about the pictures.  However, you will get the general idea.

asparagusThis is the asparagus I got from Farmer’s Market last weekend.  I turned it into my asparagus casserole, steaming the asparagus a little first.  It was ssssooooo good.

garden 0430And my beans have been growing like crazy the past week.  It won’t be too long before I see blooms on my beans.  I’m hoping/expecting a meal or too from them.  I have some extra seeds I will plan in other areas once these start blooming in order to get a continuous crop – hopefully.

juliette tomatoes 430And Juliette Grape has a couple of baby tomatoes and putting on more and more blooms.  I can’t wait until I get those first few tomatoes.  Black Prince is looking good, but the first few blooms didn’t set.  So he is running behind the girl at this point in time.

lettuce 430Finally, this is the pile of salad greens I picked this morning.  There is at least four nice sized salads worth here.  Romaine, arugula, spinach and Red Sails lettuce are the four varieties of greens here.  Yummy.

So sorry for the crummy pictures.  But they will be improving…..when Texter returns and I can use her camera – minus the zombie blood.

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