Monday, May 30, 2011

Story of Juliette and the Black Prince

This is a dirty story.  Lots of dirt.  And some bondage.  It’s a love story, one filled with anticipation.

Once upon a time there was Juliette.

Juliette Grape  Juliette lived on the left side of the porch.  She was full of life, fruitful.  She had been there almost her whole life, confined in a large tub with no one for company except for a couple of red petunias and basil.

One the other side of the stairs lived the Black Prince.  Black Prince  He was a lusty lad, full of himself and determined to fill up his corner of the world.  But he too was alone except for the petunia and basil.

Unfortunately, Juliette and the Black Prince were confined solely to their own corner of the world.  Tethered by strings for support, rooted firmly in the soil of their home.

Actually, despite the really weird weather we have had the past couple of months, I am so thrilled with how they are producing.Black Prince Cluster...stripes  This is the first cluster of the Black Prince.  They are about golf ball size or just a tad larger.  You can see how they are going to be a little streaky when they mature and I am already salivating.  I haven’t had Black Prince before and am looking forward to giving them a try.  These plant is a Russian heirloom and according to reviews has a great taste.  I can’t wait to see them start turning the dark garnet/brown and green they are reported to turn.  One review I read said it was an excellent container tomato.  Well…….I do have to say it seems to have topped out at about 4 feet tall (head high for me counting the big bin it’s in.)  But it is so full.   I will have to take a ‘girth’ measurement, but it has to be about 8 feet around.  I am surprised and pleased about the number of clusters it contains right now.  There are probably 25-30 clusters in various stages right now and it’s still growing.  I should be insured an ample supply for several weeks.

Juliette is a girl who is definitely not afraid of a little competition and steps up to the plate.  She is my only hybrid, but I do have a special place in my heart for her.  I have grown Juliette in the past and have been very pleased with what a work horse she is.  To the extent I have to take bags of her tomatoes into work to get rid of them (and it’s such a hardship on my co-workers I know).

Juliette grape cluster 2  This is the first cluster she put on and already getting that white cast before they start turning red.  Of what I could easily see there are 30 clusters in various stages on her.  And with tomatoes it seems half the fruit you can’t see until it ripens and you can see the contrast of the red fruit against the green leaves.  More Juliette  Most of the clusters contain 7 or 8 fruit.  Each cluster makes a great addition to a salad or a nice little handful for a snack.

Juliette is a little forward though.  She is pushing through the railing, trying to get over to her Prince.  They are evenly matched though, she’s about 4 feet tall and about 8 feet around.  I keep them separated and speak to them as I go in and out the door.  I like to think all that ‘good vibes’ helps them grow.  But then it could be a load of fertilizer.

Next….French Filet and the Purple Green Beans.


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