Thursday, May 05, 2011

While in Film Class…..

Besides watching some films I had never seen before (nor the desire to see before this class), I also doodled.  Doodling helps me to concentrate actually.  Especially while watching a movie in a classroom setting where I can’t get up and move around.  So, when I was emptying out my binders and recycling papers from this past semester, I pulled and saved my artwork I made during the class.  Instead of calling them ‘zentangles’ I am calling them ‘filmtangles’.

filmtangle1 This is my doodling while watching “American Psycho”. 


As you can tell from the paper, this is from “Reservoir Dogs”.

filmtangle3 “Taxi Driver” was responsible for this one.

filmtangle4 Can’t remember what we were discussing for this one.

filmtangle5 “Bonnie and Clyde”….maybe inspired by their car?

filmtangle6 Another doodle from “Taxi Driver”.

filmtangle7 Orange….for “Clockwork Orange” of course.

filmtangle8  Not sure what film we were discussing.  We might have been going over our screenplays and projects.  Of which, I have a good start on the first act of my screenplay.  I will probably convert to novel form.  Writing a screenplay is very different from creative writing.  Not sure it’s my forte.  I ‘m still working on dialogue and that’s what a screenplay is – dialogue.

filmtangle9  “Goodfellas” inspiration.  Between that movie and the “Godfather” trilogy, I am pretty much “family-ed” out.

filmtangle10  And I didn’t just confine myself to notebook paper….handouts got equal treatment.

It was interesting to see how the same patterns came up over and over again.  But didn’t draw any zombies.



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