Saturday, May 12, 2012

My New Aquarium

I have been wanting an aquarium for some time now.  I had several in fact during my college days.  But buy the time you buy a decent size tank (20 gallons) and a stand (didn’t have anything to put one on), the dollars start racking up.  I just couldn’t justify the cost versus my pleasure and bills.  So I started checking out Craig’s List to see what might be offered.  I found a couple of tanks, reasonably priced and had inquired about a couple.  One was already gone ($50) that had a stand and about a 17 gallon tank.  One of those long and tall ones.  There was a 20 gallon with some accessories for $30, but that too was gone.  The same person had a 30 gallon they were offering for $40 with some accessories and I almost went to look at it, but once again turned it down.  I would still have to find something to put the tank on.  And it had been used for turtles, so just not sure.

So then yesterday afternoon, I decide to take a gander again.  It was about 1:20pm and at 1:07pm someone had posted a 20 gallon tank, fish, accessories and stand for $20!  That’s right, $20 for the whole thing.  Now that I could justify.  Seems they had bought the setup about 2 months ago and were moving into a new house and didn’t have a ‘place’ for it.  I threw Texter and Gibbs into the car and off we go across town.

So now I have a fish tank.  In fact, a couple of the fish were ones I would have bought myself – gourami's.  We broke that sucker down, transporting water, fish and the whole kit and caboodle back home and reset it up in my living room. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   So here it is.  I love the sound of the water and can watch it for ages.  The light on the tank even has a blue ‘night’ version too.  I did add a couple of other fish to it – my Gold Gourami’s and a Jack Dempsey.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Here are “Flame”, one of the Fire Gourami’s and “JD”, the Jack Dempsey staking out territory.  I know it probably wasn’t the wisest to put JD in there as they tend to be a little aggressive, but hopefully he will learn to co-exist.

And also on the money front, I had the nicest gesture at the gas station yesterday.  There was a man and his older son, probably late teens.  The kid had a pair of huge ear phones on and realized he was probably autistic, or at least had some kind of mental disability.  The gentleman pumped the gas while I waited in line.  When he finished and got his son settled in the van, he walks over to me and tells me that there is $2.50 in prepaid gas left on the tank and I was welcome to it.  What a really nice gesture.  However, the gas station kept the money for themselves, but at least the thought was there. 

So manifesting a better financial situation seems to be working.  Now if I can manifest the winning lottery numbers!


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