Friday, May 11, 2012

Reviewing Some Free Kindle Books

One problem with the free books you can get on Kindle is they should be paying you to read them.  However, every now and then a gem surfaces.  These are some of those I have come across….

GOBBLE GOBBLE by Florin Nicoara 

gobble gobble

Reading this book was like watching a train wreck.  On one hand you know you shouldn't be looking, but it's just too compelling to look away.  An extremely clever premise, although a bit bizarre. It's Thanksgiving, and on this holiday the turkey get his revenge in a big way.  It's enough to not look for the biggest turkey in the grocery store for dinner. But definitely worth a read if you like horror/supernatural stories.  The only down side to the book is that it could have used a bit of editing.  There are some bear/bare and their/there mistakes which can be distracting, but not enough to make you put the book down.

burden of blood  Burden of Blood by Wenona Hulsey

Nicole can hear the bad thoughts people have, which aids her in her job as a police officer.  Unfortunately, she doesn't like her 'gift'.  However, the time has come to either accept her abilities or die trying.  The book kept my attention and the sexual tension between Nicole and Luke was good.  Definitely worth a read.   Being a fan of such paranormal writers as Kenyon and Feehan, this book can hold it’s own.

Casino Shuffle by J. Fields, Jr.

antonio cruz 

Ok, I want a butler now, only if he can be Antonio Cruz.  I am in love.  Antonio Cruz is the butler for a casino in New England and is use to handling the most difficult customers with deft butlering.  This weekend however his abilities to work wonders in a tuxedo is put to the test.  A high profile starlet, a bad-boy rapper, a nerdy high stakes poker player all combine to make this an interesting few days for Antonio and his staff.  I started this book not thinking it was going to be another waste of time and I fell in love with Antonio.  To the point, I can't wait for another Antonio Cruz book to come out.  Well written, interesting story and great characters.  I was transported to the other reality of casino life and didn't want to leave.

the takers  The Takers: Book One of the Oz Chronicles by R. W. Ridley

Oz, a normal 13 year old boy, wakes up in the bottom of his closet, covered in clothes.  The last thing he knew as that he was sick.  As he emerges from the closet, the only thing alive he can find in his house is his dog.  Electricity doesn’t operate.  All the people, with a few exceptions are gone and he has pieced together they have been ‘taken’.  So off he starts from Tennessee to his uncle in Georgia.  Or at least he hopes his uncle is alive.  On the way he gathers a few people around in his journey to fight against “The Takers” and to figure out how to survive.  It may seem strange a 13 year old will be the leader of a group, but it works.  Their experiences are mirrored in a comic book drawn by a boy with Down’s Syndrome that Oz feels he had a part in driving the boy to suicide.   The events Oz experiences has been predicted in this comic book.  A compelling read, enough to make you want to start the next one before you even get finished with this one. 

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