Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Roanoke Red

I am far from a wine expert.  I am barely a step above screw tops.  Getting a cork out of a wine bottle would be viral on YouTube for the antics.  Don’t laugh, I thought Riunite Lambrusco was the best at one time.   I did take a wine tasting class back in 1976 which was led by an instructor at East Texas State University (as it was called at the time).  He was an expert and his wife was French and her family owned vineyards in both California and France.  I learned that, despite my massive sweet tooth, I do not like my wines sweet.  And it is possible for wine to be so dry it tastes like smoke.  I also learned if you are the only person under the age of 40 and there by yourself, everyone thinks of you as their daughter and you wind up having to crawl up three flights of stairs to your dorm room.  Normally, I don’t buy much wine because I have a glass or two and then forget I have an opened bottle and it becomes wine for cooking, not drinking.

So, last Saturday, I went down to see Texter in Jacksonville (North Carolina) and took her to their little (and I mean little!) farmer’s market.  There was a booth there for Bennett Vineyards, a local winery.  They make muscadine wines (and jams).  Now my dad makes some muscadine wine which tastes like liquid raisins and will knock you on your butt.  Way too sweet for me.  So I approached my tasting with caution. 

P8150006  They make a DRY muscadine wine.  And at $10 a bottle (or 2 for $15), very reasonably priced.  Not too dry with all the benefits of a muscadine wine.  I can say that I will probably be stopping by the farmer’s market more often.  I do have to say it is enjoyable with all the reading I have to do, to pour a glass and relax with a couple of chapters in the latest read before bedtime.

Now if I can only find my wine glasses……

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