Saturday, September 01, 2012


I am a life long nail biter.  I was never one to bite my nails down to the quick, but I definitely never had nails.  I tried all those nail biting things which were suppose to deter you from biting and nothing worked.  I could go a few days and then….nom, nom, nom.  No nails for me.  So when Savvy was here in July, I once again decided to put nail polish on my nails and give it a try for a few days.  And imagine my surprise!

P8310001  Yep.  Nails!  I have not bitten my nails in almost 2 months.  Now they still have the strength of paper, but I have nails. (Yes, I could use a manicure, but that is my birthday gift to myself.)  But I have not even had a desire to bit them.  Go figure.  Here I am turning 55 shortly and finally, after decades, have nails.  The other hand is the same except for 1 nail which broke off and not between my teeth.

But I have learned there is a downside to having nails. 

1.  Where did all that junk come from to get under my nails?  I can’t cook, work in the yard, craft without stuff getting  under my nails.

2.  You have to keep polish on them (or at least I do to give them any support).

3.  When you have an itch, you can hurt yourself scratching.

4.  Typing is weird now.  There is a ‘click, click, click’ on the keyboard that wasn’t there before.

5.  Opening pull tabs is a little awkward.

6.  The fingernail polish you put on and hate is the one color everyone else comments on and ‘loves’.

So after 2 months without biting, I think that now means I have established a new habit.  Don’t know why, but I’m not questioning it.  Now if I can learn not to eat sugar!

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  1. I never bit my nails by I was a cuticle puller/nibbler. Ick! The only thing that stopped me was having my nails done. That was how I was in Dallas. That got me obsessed though and I had to go every two weeks to have the done. The chemicals finally decided that I would not have nice nails any longer. My own nails grow very fast but are very thin. Now I dislike having any length of long, preferring ultra short. I've been able to restrain the pulling and nibbling to very little at last but I really hated typing and crafting with nails and yep, where does all that grunge come from that finds it's way under your nails?!!!

    Good luck and bravo!


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