Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mid-Month Check Up

It's the middle of the month (or close to it) and I am dismally behind on my list of things to accomplish for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  But I am blaming it on the Olympics!  So while I did cut up the shirts to ready the fabric for cutting into blocks, I started a new project for my Olympic watching.

This is day 2 of my afghan....

First off, of all my endeavors, crochet is probably one of my least proficient.  But I saw a picture of the Lille Matelasse Circular Baby Afghan by Priscilla's Crochet and I so wanted to do all the afghans in her book.

Now her's is crocheted in baby weight and I went up to worsted weight, so mine will be larger and heavier.  But that's fine, since it will be used by adults.  I have never done popcorns and I am already so over them.  But I have 5 more, ever increasing rounds, of popcorn stitches.  I've never knitted into the front or back of the 'post', but it is much like ribbing in knitting.  But it is continuing, with (or despite) help from Lady K.  I'll get back to my other projects shortly - after the Olympics.

These Olympics have grabbed my attention since they are hosted by Russia.  In 1980, I had a Soviet pen-pal and was greatly disappointed for the athletes when the U.S. boycotted the games.  He did send me stamps, pins and a collection of the posters from the games.  Over the years I have given them to a couple of people I worked with who were real Olympic fanatics (they have actually attended several games).  I still have some of the stamps just to remind me of my pen pal and the experience.  But I find myself riveted to these games this year and I am not normally a follower.

So my 'gold' will be finishing this afghan before the end of the month.

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