Saturday, November 08, 2014

Big Blessings in Little Things

Last night I did something I would have thought about in the past, but never did.  I gathered up Savvy (Texter and "B" came for awhile, but she had work to get to) and a couple of work buddies for the Helena Art Walk.  This is an event where businesses downtown open their doors to artists and visitors to meet and wander.

The evening was cool, but clear (which is not going to be the case in a few days) and my lure for the others was a meet-up at Triple Divide for drinks.  This has become a go-to spot for Savvy and myself.  A small hole-in-the-wall feeling spot for drinks, just off the main drag, warm and inviting.  Best of all there are great vodka and gin (both made on the premises) based drinks served up by a great bartender, Josh.

The giant chess board

After a couple of drinks, we started wandering up and down Last Chance Gulch.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to see but a fraction of the artists out there.  Savvy and I picked up a couple of pieces of pottery and cards for artists we want to revisit.

But the best part of the evening was the fun and laughs with CS and PS from work.  These two women have become friends that I just happen to be lucky enough to work with.  We had a great time looking and checking out clothes (no, I am not actually going to film myself trying to get into the hot pink leggings).  Without the drinks and pottery purchases, this could have actually been a no-cost night out.  Instead, it was a relaxing evening spent wandering around and great conversation - silly conversation at times, but fun.

In the past, I would have suggested such an evening out, but then not gone, thinking instead of all the things I 'needed' to be doing - homework, housework, early to bed for work.  Or thinking about the noise and crowds (not too loud and just the right amount of people out).  I wouldn't have gone.  Instead I gave myself 'permission' to go and have fun.  No guilt attached.

But I am so glad I followed through this time and went.  I feel recharged and revitalized. Savvy got the name of an artist she really wants to buy a couple of pictures from (grown-up art and not just posters) and I got the card from a photographer who stated she would be very happy to give me some pointers on printing and framing should I decide to 'go public'.  PS and CS, long time residents of Helena, know everyone, everywhere.  And I know there will be at least one fun evening in the near future when we four get together for Thai food (which I and CS have never had) and some painting/ceramic painting.

Next time we are starting earlier (Savvy will just have to make her own way there if working!) and seeing more of the artists.  And more time for more drinks along the way!

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