Tuesday, August 04, 2015

One More Week (if I last that long)

Savvy's view from her new room.  Built in shelves/window seat.  A cushion is in the plans for this space along with a new paint scheme for the room.

So I have been in a foul mood the past few days weeks and I think I have finally figured out why - overcrowding!

I'm a person who needs her own 'space' and no one touching/into 'my stuff'.  Unfortunately, we have been 4 adults, 3 cats, 2 large dogs and 1 toddler in a space which should really only be for one person.  I don't even think this apartment is 900 square feet, probably closer to 800.  And we are in flux and living on top of each other.

There's no air conditioning and since we are on the top floor, with the heat, our apartment gets hot.  The portable unit we have on loan from a friend is in my room.  Which means Texter and Lady K are there during the day too.  Along with the dogs and 1 cat.  And it too hot to take Lady K out during the day.  

With them in my room, there is naturally their 'junk'.  So I come home from work to find my room a disaster area (not that it's really all that clean anyway).  And poor CJ....Well, he has been living in the living room, sleeping on a recliner.  Luckily, we did have a small desk available for him to set his computer up on, so at least he's happy in that respect.  And I keep pumping Brisk Tea to him (his drink of preference) to keep him at least content.

But I need my room!  

There will be a yard for Lady K and the dogs to run around in (not large, but at least some room).  And I can pull the Southern genteel lady and sit on the porch and sip iced tea while keeping an eye on them.  

Because of the size of my room versus my furniture, my computer will be out in the main room.  Lots more room.  Like double the size of our current living room/kitchen area combined.  And in the basement I can have my sewing machine and craft area.  And people OUT OF MY ROOM!

So let the painting commence!

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