Sunday, August 02, 2015

Week in Review - July 26 - August 1

  • 5 pints of peach jam made - 1 was actually a peach/ginger jam
  • 3 books read
  • 32,701 or 19.57 miles walked - Christine kicking my butt the past few weeks
  • vitamins - remembered 3 days
  • went through huge stack of magazines
  • found a jar for my 'blessings'
  • 5 posts written
Lady K knows there are feathers in the jar and wants to dump them out and play with them.
  • tons of ideas for organization and Christmas
  • pre-planning for Nanowrimo underway - both for meet ups and my own writing
  • discovered artist name for Savvy's possible present
  • trip to Farmer's market and picked up the following:
    • green beans
    • new potatoes
    • leeks
    • garlic
    • basil
    • tomatoes
    • bell pepper
  • managed to make it to Cafe Zydeco for beignets 
  • tried a dry rub for BBQ chicken - really good
  • created some journal vision boards for myself on creativity, exercise and food.  forgot how fun and relaxing collage can be.
  • came up with a Christmas idea for kids I want do to (more details in coming months)

The week ahead - 

  • up my steps and water and vitamins
  • more peach jam
  • Chapter 2 of book
  • baby-sitting while Texter at orientation for school
  • some packing (if I can get boxes)
  • delving into my one-book-August (instead of one-book-July, more details coming)

The big 'event' for the week was the finding of this book - 

The first book I remember reading and loving and probably the start of my love of horses, was this one, Black Beauty.  It was probably the first book I was ever given a copy of for my own.  Over the years my copy fell apart in all the decades of moves.  I have been on the lookout for a replacement copy, mainly because I wanted to reread it 5 decades later.  But I didn't want to just go onto Amazon and buy a copy.  And this week, in a local used book store, there on the top shelf, was a copy.  Not only a copy of the book, but the exact edition I had.  That's MY book!  And for only $4.  Yes, Black Beauty isn't a sweet little 'horsey' book, but rather a sad look at the cruelty of people and the life horses had to live at one time.  I remember crying when Ginger died.  So I will be fitting a walk down memory lane into the schedule this week.

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  1. Would you share your recipe for peach jam please Judy?


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