Sunday, October 04, 2015

Week In Review - September 27 - October 3

My plans today - NOTHING!

This past week -
  • One writing meeting with collaboration writer
  • Finished unloading boxes in bathroom
  • 50 eye patches crocheted
  • Had cable installed (yes, I succumbed)
  • 7 felt vests for the Big Read
  • Completed 300,000 steps in September
    • So far, for October have 41,000 steps so far, 80,011 for the week
  • Wrote out October goals
  • Signed up for Sun Run
  • Have menu set for coming week and the grocery shopping done
  • 1 set of blocks for the QAL
  • 7 posts written
  • items for NaNo goodie bags purchased
For the coming week:
  • Sunday - relax and do nothing (well, almost nothing)
  • Get front closet 'organized'
  • Take some of the blankets downstairs to store
  • Make menus for the coming week
  • More Big Read Events
    • Monday night a lecture at Triple Divide (drinks!)
    • Saturday - another couple of hours of assisting at the kid's activities and subbing at work for an ex-co-worker
  • Prepare for my 3 mile Sun Run - or in my case, my 3 mile huff-n-puff
  • Get tires on car
  • Get my 1000 words a day written
  • Finish up blue wool skirt
  • Finish 3 pair of pj pants for Texter

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