Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week in Review - January 17 - 23

I just wish I was feeling as bright and radiant as this sunrise.

So the 'yuck' I had a couple of weeks ago, revisited me this week and settled, not in my head totally, but also my chest.  So now I on antibiotics and an inhaler for bronchitis.  Someone, please purge me! Smudge me with sage!  I hate this!

But I did manage to get grocery shopping done and a menu set until the end of the month.  That makes me feel really good.  Of course, the drain in the basement 'acted up' yesterday and they had to call a plumber.  At least we will be able to eat.  

Otherwise - 
  • 4 books read for the week (and about 4 more started)
  • 35,043 steps, only 50% of my goal.  going from bed to chair doesn't require many steps
  • 4 posts written
  • 1507 words generated
  • sketched out the quilting plan for the Twinkle Star block
  • finished my purple socks

At least we are also not in the Eastern part of the country where people are without power.  If I was still in NC, I would be one of those 'powerless' people right now.  And up to my ears in phone calls at work.  So glad I am here, bronchitis and all.

For the coming week -
  • concentrate on getting rid of this 'junk' I have in my body
  • get my step count back up
  • work on Mystery Quilt, haven't felt like sitting at a sewing machine.  Don't want to work on it less than 100%
  • started new pair of purple socks, different yarn and pattern

So off to drink a glass of orange juice (burned it out of my throat!), take pills and use the inhaler.

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  1. Four books read and finished your socks! Nice job. Sounds like you were super productive even with yuck!


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