Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Garden Update

Boy, do I need to weed!  On my list of things to do, is major weeding.

At the community garden, it is definitely a case of 'garden envy'.  

This is the plot of the 84 year old...

This is mine...

See the need for weeding?  One of these days.  But at least I didn't have to pay for this plot this year because of the condition of the area.  But my potatoes are going great guns, I have 3 Roma Tomatoes and a couple of tomatoes doing ok - already with blooms and only about a foot tall.  Not sure how that is going to work out.  Some peas are up and my dwarf tomatoes and slowly taking hold.

On the home front, things look a bit better.

My potatoes are looking great and hopefully will start flowering and setting potatoes soon.  One thing I have noticed is the lack of bugs!  No potato beetles to squish (so far).  And since I haven't seen the issue with tomato diseases, this could be the upside to gardening in Zone 4 - none of the buggy and disease issues of Zone 7.

I have picked on zucchini already and more are setting.

And my Pepitos Pumpkins are setting.  Now if they will just hold on and get bigger.

My dwarf tomato bed is starting to come on.  Need to get in there and do some weeding, but the tomatoes seem to be doing well, along with some melons coming along on the other side.  I have pole beans coming up on the fence behind them.

What is really doing well are the sunflowers from the seed I threw out to entice the birds to the feeder.  If nothing else, I will get a good crop of sunflowers!  I know I should probably pull them up, but I can't bring myself to do so.

Another bed of sunflowers with some hollyhocks mixed in. 

And the first of the roses has started blooming.  I have cut one and made a little tussy-mussy to bring inside.  It's a lovely dark red and smells great.  I have hopes for it in the future.

In the long flower bed, hollyhocks and sunflowers vie for attention.

But I have a few surprises tucked in, here and there.

George and Grace seem to like their larger accommodations outside.  George has lost a few leaves because I haven't brought him in when the temperatures dip at night, but he's adjusting.  Grace is blooming, literally.  She sometimes drops fruit which set, but overall, I think the majority are holding on.  This week, the weather is suppose to turn warmer, which I am sure they will like.

My peas are starting to come along.  And where I planted cucumbers in the other row as 'skips', they are coming up and will soon replace the peas in that bed (hopefully).

My little Red Robin tomatoes in the planter are starting to put out buds.

Kale is doing well, as are my onions.  I did slip in a few bush beans here and there in the bed.  Cilantro, which I am growing for Savvy, is now available for use in two or three spots around the garden.

Where my broccoli was (and did do anything except leaf) I have planted bush beans.  I also planted beans at the community garden on Sunday too.  I have picked about 6 gallon bags of lettuce so far and will get several more before it's all over with.

But the yard/garden is more than just what is planted.  Where else can an old dog go lie in the sun?

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