Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Night Terrors - J. A. Pitts

I discovered this series at last year's MisCon.  I picked up the first book because John Pitts was really interesting and funny on the panels and very approachable.  And if you see the guy in real life, approachable might not be a good description, but he really is.

I read the first book and immediately ordered two and three and plowed through those books.  Kick-ass blacksmith who is a woman, struggling with her own identity and acceptance of the love in her life - another woman.  Throw in some dragons, trolls, giants and magic and they are fantastic reads.

Night Terrors came out in March, but I held off buying and reading it because I wanted to get it at the convention and have him autograph my copy.  First day there, I had the book in hand (my first purchase) and turned around and there he was and had him sign the book.  However, because I wanted to savor the read, I waited until I got home to start the book.

One, I'm glad I waited to start reading Night Terrors.  Mainly because if I had been reading it at the convention I would have  probably gone up to Mr. Pitts and go "Really! You had to kill HIM off!" and tried to kick him in the leg.  Not a good thing.  Secondly, it is a book you want to savor and think a bit about.  The undercurrents make you think a bit.

This book seems slightly different to me than the first three.  This one is a bit more 'inner demons' than 'outer demons' and has Sarah struggling to find a way to bring the unconscious Katie back to this world.  Gram, the sword, is there.  As is Bub, Jai Li, and the dragon queen.  

For each step forward in discovering where Katie's spirit has gone due to a journal which had been her parents, Sarah has extra duties laid on her shoulders.  But these shoulders are up to it.  And there are going to be some 'fun' times ahead for Sarah and the gang.

Sarah now has her awesome motorcycle to ride on, complete with a sword holder and a crazy next-door-neighbor, which portents some fun adventures ahead.

Now for book 5, which I understand will be coming out soon (sooner the better as far as I am concerned!)

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