Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Planner Haul

These days I am completely obsessed with planners.  Planners of all shapes and sizes and layouts.  I watch countless YouTube videos on planners of all kinds. 

Problem is - I now have a wish list of planners I want to acquire.  Actually, it's more like the outer covering I am looking to get my hands on.  And that is usually the most expensive part of purchasing a planner, especially if you are getting an outer cover where you can then go purchase refills year after year.

But the good news is, there are many, many people out there with Etsy stores, and even few printables, so you don't have to purchase from the company who makes the outer shell if it's not to your liking.

One video talked about thrift store finds.  That intrigued me. I wondered what I could find here in Helena at the thrift stores.  And with a bit of time to spare before I had to pick up Lady K and Texter from school, I decided to see.  I wasn't very optimistic as there is not really any stores to purchase planners here.

But as you can see from the picture above, I did manage, for a total $4.50 to score 5 planner covers.  And a couple of them I am really, really excited about!

The first one is a Franklin binder with a few dividers and pages in it.  It has to be pre-1997 which is when they became Franklin Covey.  So this is from between 1984 and 1997.  Still in excellent condition with just one spot of rubbing on a corner.  Real leather, or at least a good imitation, I think. But for 50 cents, a super deal.

The next one is a DayTimer with several pages and pads of undated pages.  According to the ruler in the front, it dates from 1998.  It's in excellent shape.  But I will probably let this one go to someone who wants to use a ring-binder system in one of my classes.  Our local Staples does carry some DayTimer refills (I think).  This one was one of the 'expensive' ones at $1.99.

This is another personal sized, 7 ring, zipped planner cover, but with a cloth cover.  Excellent condition and from a drug company for it's reps, I'm sure.  But at 50 cents I couldn't pass it up, but it will be offered up for adoption to a happy home.  

From Cambridge (Mead), is this passport sized, refillable planner cover.  Dated 1994, this was another 50 cent purchase and will be given up to another home, if wanted.

But the real find, the one I am so excited about...

A real Filofax!  I was so hoping my little Hobonichi Techno would fit in here, but it has the rings and is a touch too small.  Dated 2003, this little red Domino Pocket Organizer has captured my heart.  And at 99 cents, it's a cheap thrill!  Especially since they go for about $30 if I were to buy with the calendar.  I think I am going to get plain paper refills and use it for my brain dump notebook I carry with me.  

There is a bit of a scuff on the back, but otherwise in fantastic shape.  

Now I have the bug!  I will be haunting thrift stores everywhere!

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  1. I have never even thought about looking for these in thrift shops! Genius! And you did make quite a haul. I have an expensive Erin Condren one and I love it but now I am thinking I need to look for a less expensive option!


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