Tuesday, December 06, 2016

November Goals Review and December Goals

Can I say - just survive the holidays?

You see, I need my routine. And all these days off and 'changes' really bother me in the back of my wee brain. I feel like I can't get in step with what I need to do. But...

  • Finalizing and setting concrete steps for 2017 plans and projects - sort of/kind of...still working on it
  • Successfully complete NaNoWriMo this year made my 50,000 words despite computer issues!
  • Hosting several write-ins at the library not as successful as I would have liked, but decent
  • Submitting my proposed programs to the programing staff for consideration at the library. Did and got a list of workshops I am doing for 2017. Excited and can't wait!  
  • Decluttering my sewing areathis ties in with my 2017 plans for what I want to do - almost done, still need to get some things downstairs
  • Buying one towel, one plant and one set of sheets 
  • Plan Thanksgiving dinner 
  • Work on the TMNT afghan and get at least 4 more strips done - NOPE!
  • Finish up the little "Nemo" hat I picked up for Lady K Done and she wears it all the time
  • Finish up the Bee Hive blocks for October and November and get them in the mail Done and they have been received
  • Find a top to go with the leggings I received - Not yet, haven't been shopping for me.
  • Shopping trip to Missoula with Savvy and Texter Shopping trip was just Texter and I, Savvy had to work after all.
  • Letters written (which includes a now belated birthday card!) - NOPE!

So this is my current 'habit' I am trying to develop. Water. After my last doctor's visit, my blood pressure and blood sugar are up and I need to bring them down. So water. I figure if I put it on my desk where I am most of the day when at home, or at least near it, then it will prompt me to drink more water! And I wanted it pretty, to further inspire me.

After looking at my November goals, I realized I had actually done more than I felt like I had. So I am very pleased. December, in a way, will be a bit more relaxed. I have a week of vacation before Christmas, Lady K will be at daycare during the day, and I plan to 'veg out' and crochet and knit and read and write and nap and...

  • Get those damn letters written!
  • Buy towel and plant - actually the plant already purchased. An amaryllis for Christmas and Texter got me a little pink Christmas cactus
  • Finish getting stuff downstairs
  • Do December Bee Hive block
  • Get vision board for 2017 Word of the Year done
  • Finalize plans for "Results Not Resolutions" workshop on January 7. I need a power point and some examples made up.
  • Start working on plans for other workshops I'm leading
  • Exercise! Get a plan in place and put it on my schedule
  • Decide exactly what planners and notebooks I'm using in 2017
  • Write up project sheets for things I want to get done in 2017
  • Work on TMNT afghan
  • Enjoy Christmas vacation!

I think I am ready for December and 2017!

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