Monday, April 04, 2005

Beautiful, beautiful Monday

Wish the 4 days of the Ren Faire had been as picture perfect as today was. Stayed at home (traded today for working Saturday...when it is suppose to be a crappy weather day) with Goth Daugher, whose fair face, meaning this in the sense of complexion, managed to get extremenly sunburned while the rest of us were freezing. She also had "fish lips" as she called them. So I was spraying her and dosing her with burn relief aloe and aspirin. Trumpet Princess had an upset stomach, or an overdose of socializing, but we all stayed home. Somehow they managed to nap and laze around.

I, on the other hand, (insert drum roll and halo) mowed my large yard, ran a couple of errands, started defrosting my large freezer which looked like a Siberian winter scene and pick up a little of the sewing mess in my kitchen area. Please note, no mention was made of getting to the mess in my room. I'm not that good!

But I did just happen to pick up the new Vogue Knitting and decided the tons of skeins of purple microfiber could be made into this
sleeveless top . So after all my tireless work of the day, I sat down and watched Oprah and started on it.

The start of my summer sleeveless "fix". I have this desire for sleeveless tops this summer and have been eyeballing several, so this is the start. Doesn't it look lovely amongst the violets.

Ok, I will admit, I am probably the only person in the state of North Carolina today who is not interested in the outcome of a certain game. Hang me. But could it be from this tree?

It's a beautiful spring day. Couldn't be prettier. This is the white peach tree in the back yard.

This is the whole peach tree, compliments of Trumpet Princess who is now over her upset stomach since I'm tired and can't really be concerned with her "doing" anything.

Ok, I did have a hot flash today. And Goth Daughter was right along with me. Have a new CD I have to get to knit to..... Il Divo. Saw them on Oprah today. And the CD won't be out until 19th of April. Who cares if they aren't singing in English. Four fantastic voices....and the bodies aren't bad either!

Oh, well off to knit and dream. Will need that sleeveless tee for my hot flashes!


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