Sunday, April 24, 2005

What I've Been Doing Instead...or Long Sunday Post

What I've been doing instead.......

This was Sarah P Duke Gardens last Sunday. The girls and I have been "touring" the area arboretum and gardens on Sundays as that has been my only day off recently. First was the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh and the Sarah P Duke Gardens. Today it is too cold (after a week in the 80's!) to go anywhere. We have been packing a lunch and taking the camera and "playing". Of course, that leaves little time for blogging. Ok, let's see....time outside in springtime gardens....sit inside and blog....outside won!

Spring has sprung! I've learned (amazing what you can do when you read the manual!) how to do closeups of the flowers. Of course, the rest of the world walking by sees my hind end stuck up in the air. And I was out at the Farmer's Market early Saturday morning and the NC strawberries are coming in now. Fresh, not plastic, strawberries!

But on the knitting front I have finished up a couple of things......

Felted flowers to be sent to sister

I still have several to do. Am learning as I go along on better ways to do them and more and more different patterns. It's fun to watch them go from knit to felted.

Multidirectional scarf out of one skein of Mountain Colors (if memory is correct--too lazy to go check). This is just heavy enough to take to work and wrap over heck and shoulders as protection from the air vents, which tend to blow hot/cold with all the predictability of a menopausal woman. We are the only office that wears long sleeves in the summer!

This is what I'm working on currently...Charlotte's Web shawls. Have 2 to do, one for friend and another for me. Have started out several time and think I finally have the hang of it. It's really not difficult, just me being difficult.

Start of Charlotte's Web for friend

My colors for Charlotte's Web shawl. For myself, I must be on a blue kick, because I have some more blue Koigu for another shawl. Blue, blue my world is blue!

Actually, today my goal is to pick up the "big chunks" as far as housekeeping goes and move from couch to bed in random order, catch up on reading other people's blogs, and generally doing nothing. Last night was spent with cat at vet clinic getting his hind end stitched up where his "male ego" got over run by larger cat. So I have a six month old cat running around with a plastic collar around his neck and a shaved behind and there goes any yarn money for the next couple of months! Am also wearing my 'NO CRISIS ALLOWED TODAY. MY SCHEDULE IS FULL' t-shirt to ward off any other problems. And since it is a cool (very), grey day, don't mind staying in and "resting".

So off to refill coffee cup and read up on what others have been doing!


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