Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sunday Of the Last Day of the Faire

Not only do I have to get up an hour earlier today, but no one told me about learning to spin and how your arms and back might be a little sore for holding up your arms for 3-4 hours on a wooden bench. But it is a pleasant feeling.

Trumpet Princess knows no strangers. I am thinking about placing a sign around her neck in public places "You talk to me, I'm yours!" Anyway, she took up with the Purple Fairy yesterday and they had their picture made with the tiger. (Proceeds to aid animal something-or-another) So this morning I had to rehook up my scanner so that I could scan the picture to get a copy to the Purple Fairy. If you give gifts to fairies, I hear, they won't make mischief at your house.

Trumpet Princess and Purple Fairy and Tiger. Trumpet Princess makes friends very easy, but which one should have I over for dinner?

So for the last time, it's back into the costume and today I am pushing a friend around the faire. Then my two hours of knitting/spinning duty (isn't life tough!) and then a house.....which looks like a tornado went through it.....and then back again! You know it's bad when you are actually looking forward to cleaning house!

First knitting jobs on hand....tinking a sock and a scarf!


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