Monday, January 02, 2006

Day Two and Finished a Project Already!

Day two of the new year and I have already reduced stash and completed a project. This is a purse that was featured on the Carol Duval show. My sister had sent me some balls of yarn and I had one ball of Patons UpCountry and one of Moda Dea Cache. The UpCountry is a chunky yarn and feels sssssooooo soft. Makes me want several balls for a shawl or sweater. I doubled up on the Cache and knitted up the purse. Since it was a cast on 30 and stockinette for 54 rows, it went really fast, about 2 hours. The lining that I am using is some white cotton that I
dyed with the left over Lumiere paints I had in blue, green and purple. I am planning on using the rest of it for another purse that I saw on Carol Duval, but first I want to stamp some images on it with black Lumiere paint.

The lining made with Lumiere paints. This is my first attempt at painting fabric and it was fun.

This is the front of the purse. Since I didn't have enough chunky (the only time I feel chunky is cute) and I was combining with the Cache, I had stripes. The last stripe ended (or started) just right so that it is at the fold in the bottom on the purse.

This is the back of the purse. Or I guess you could say this is the front and the other side is the back.

This is a close up of the flower that is on the front/back of the purse. Since the stripes ended, I needed something in the blank space.

What is really neat about the whole purse thing is that about 5 years ago I bought literally a SUV full of craft items at a yard sale where the lady was getting out of the flea market business. Part of it was a hefty garbage bag full of the plastic purse handles. They were all from the 60's and 70's and I just had them stuck back. Now they are in vogue again. I did paint the handle of this purse with some moss green paint since I didn't like the plain brown plastic look.

Now, onward and upward. Almost finished with a hobo bag that is on the Lion Brand site, but doing it in wool and plan to felt it with a ton of flowers on it. Will see how it goes as I also plan on cleaning out the storage room this week while on vacation and the kids are in school.


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