Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday....Early....Need Coffee

This is half of the new purse I am knitting. This is the half of the purse that on Wednesday night nearly had a Mudslide Mocha dumped on it at Borders Bookstore. Best Friend and I met up and were chatting and catching up, seated on a coach. My mocha was on the long coffee table in front of us. To my left, and facing us, was this delightful lady who was beading on a wall hanging she was making. The three of us had already traded ooohhhss and aaahhhhsss over each other's projects. Beside her was her college bound daughter and directly across from me, an older gentleman.

Through all of us, sweeps "A Lady", whose purse proceeds to knock my Mocha off the table onto my purse and feet. And she keeps right on going. Best Friend does a "hey, you just knocked over her coffee" as I am trying to get my feet out of the sticky mess. "A Lady" stops and glances back over her shoulder, "I did that? Don't know how, but it's so crowded in here" and goes right on. Thankfully, I had the coffee for a while and while warm, it wasn't hot.

Older Gentleman gets up and advises the Borders crew who come out with mop and we get everything cleaned up. Luckily, nothing spilled on the knitting or the wall hanging. I'm adopting the "that's life---she probably had a terrible day" which is surprising since I am usually the one that would be in-your-face/or loudly behind your back confrontational. Older Gentleman tells me that the store will replace the drink. I'm like, not worth the bother. Few minutes later, here comes Borders Lady and replaces my mocha.

I just hope "A Lady" has a better life than she was demonstrating Wednesday night. I must have a pretty good one as complete strangers took care of me.

I hate to brag on myself (no I don't), but just about have the storage room turned into something usable. Moved enough stuff out. I mean out all the way to Goodwill. Now I moved a drop leaf table up there. This way I can open it up and use the table for crafting, or sorting fibers (next job).

In the meantime, during non-purging of storage room, I am working on this scarf out of baby alpaca. Really the yarn is so soft I want a full body suit out of it. I also finished the other half of my purple purse, so it is ready to to sewn together and lined.

The yarn, Chunky Misti Alpaca is a light celery green. I can wear the scarf into springtime.

One good thing about purging my stash (and I am being brutal) is that I am pulling stuff to sell on eBay and then I do have a stack of needlework I am going to donate to a couple of woman whose home burned and they lost all their needlework stuff. Give unwanted stuff a good home.

Well, off to purge another closet of "stuff".


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  4. we knit in borders in the uk too! we have a starbucks in there. do you? we sit on comfy couches and show off our latest creations, its great fun!


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