Sunday, January 01, 2006

Starting Off New Year with a Bang!

Well, I am starting out the new year with the designation of being a "great mom". Goth Daughter turned 15 on the 28th of December. We had the sleepover on New Year's Eve. A am sure there were a couple of parents that were glad they had their kid out of the house on New Year's Eve. But all her friends "dressed up" for the occasion and we had masks. Goth Daughter requested that I turn her Phantom of the Opera style mask into a matte black with a rose on it. I did.....sort of.....but she was happy with the result.

"I blew out 1 candle!"

She didn't want a traditional cake, since she was going for the sophisticated look and was having hor d'orves. So I made semi-petite fours and lemon poppy seed pound cake. I stuck a candle in the center of one of the little bundt cakes.

Luckily, both Best Friend and I burn candles, so we had a big supply of votives, tea lights and 1/2 used pillar candles. I saturated the room with candles and turned off the lights. They only got to come in when "dinner was served". Trumpet Princess got to play butler/waiter, so that made her happy she got to be in the middle of everything.

This really doesn't show up the candles as well as I would like, but what can you expect, taking a picture in candlelight.

One good thing about having friends who are all semi-goth, there is a lot of black. I have cats who are not afraid of anything, so black jackets to lay on is just up their alley. Keep an eye out for potential laps and get cat hair on everything. Even all the giggling didn't scare them off.

So for at least a few days I am a good mother. Trumpet Princess did not get jealous or upset or "left out" during the whole procedure. I basically got up Saturday morning and told her that her job was to stay out of my way and her sister's face. So she had the whole day on the computer IM'ing everyone and talking on the phone with occasional interruptions to take out some trash. Double good mother! Got things done, no fighting.

Let's see how long the "good mother" lasts.


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