Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm one week older,

but definitely not any wiser! This was my birthday present to my self.

This is my "modified" phoenix rising from the flames. Let me tell you, if nothing else, I have a profound respect for those with numerous tattoos because it is not the most "comfortable" thing to do in life. Luckily, they didn't care how many faces I made while they did it.

It was not a sudden decision. Been on the table now for a couple of years, thinking, revising, going through the whole yes/no process. The Friday before my birthday I left work and did it. Figured if I didn't, I would regret it.

It's on my lower back, in the center, so unless I flash someone, no one will ever see it. I did it for me. It symbolizes my next 50 years and to do things that I want to do, not what is expected of me. Don't worry, tube tops and mini skirts are not in the future unless the phoenix and I get a lot smaller....which is also in the works.

On my quest to eat better/feel better, I actually stopped and took a look at just the sugar I put in my coffee every day. I have a HUGE insolated mug I generally carry to work and I put just a smidge over 1 cup of sugar in it...every day! I was appalled when I realized how much sugar just in my coffee I was drinking.

Well, I couldn't see not drinking coffee with milk/sugar and I don't like sugar substitutes, so Monday through Friday I don't drink my coffee. That's 5 cups of sugar a week I have cut out. Saturday and Sunday mornings I still have my coffee, but it's a whole lot less coffee and a whole lot less sugar total. A person can't give up everything!

But I feel a little better and surprisingly, I don't really miss the coffee that much. Although with it turning cold, I might need to give up my tea and substitute the coffee, possibly revisiting the whole sugar substitute thing. Also, I have found when I do drink my coffee on the weekends now I am putting less sugar in it. Sorry Sugar Industry. I know someone a sugar worker has lost a job because of me!


  1. What a beautiful tatttoo! You have a great taste for tat design! And yes, definitely is not the most comfortable thing LOL! I have two healing now, in different states of the making, and the simplest thing like sleeping can become a problem!

  2. Hey! Good for you! I was going to get one too when I turned 50 ... but didn't. I will have to this spring - so it will be nice and healed by summer.


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